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Hiya Edit

Hi, DoubleD, I am Evanf with Extreme Makeover Wikis edition. I am here to help make your wiki better. If you make me an admin, I will make this Wiki great. Now, after I am finished, take my adminship away. I will start making it a wiki that is possible of expansion, but I will need you to make me an admin in order to make this wiki a good place for editors. Thanks.

--EvanfTalk Contribs

Adminship? Edit

Hi, can you make me an admin and bureaucrat? I finished some stuff -- since we usually stay here for a month, but I have a HUGE suprise for you.

--EvanfTalk Contribs

I have a new wordmark I am ready to use, it will make it way better, and I cannot do it unless I am an admin. Take it away from me at the end of tomorrow, please. Thanks.

--EvanfTalk Contribs

Wiki wordmark

Add this as the logo. It was extremely hard to make, but it was pulled off. Thanks.

--EvanfTalk Contribs

can you add it as the logo please? It is really easy.

Um, hey! Could you check out my blog please and tell me what you think?


Hi ~ I'm new to this wiki. I enjoy the show, hope to see season 2, and want the wiki to grow!

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